Juniors in Competitions


I have just been shown a copy of an entry in facebook, I believe, about juniors in Secret Valley competitions. I had no knowledge of this entry and I think that whoever originated this entry should have spoken to me first before supposedly quoting the captain and the committee.


We are discussing the possibility of juniors following out our qualifying competitions and playing by the competition rules. The juniors will play their own competition with their own winners and with their own presentation.


You will see that two four-balls of juniors will follow out our monthly stableford on Sat 30 Apr. We intend to get the “adult” players finished, sort out their scores and I will make the presentations to the winners immediately the results are known. The juniors will finish their side of the competition, get the scores and results finalised and I, as captain, will present the successful juniors with their prizes. This will give the juniors a look at what the full competitions are like, will give me as captain a look at the juniors, and will give allow the juniors to understand who is the captain of the club.


As I said before, I am most unhappy about being unknowingly used in what seems to be an advertising campaign. But, it is also important for all of us to understand that these are our juniors in our club and they deserve all of our support.


Keith Churcher



30 Apr 2016

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