Local Rules


The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews


1 Out of Bounds (Rule 27) 

 A ball is out of bounds if it is

a) Over any boundary fence or hedge
b) Beyond any line of white stakes


2 Water hazards (Rule 28)
Waterhazards are defined by yellow stakes. Lateral water Hazards are defined by red stakes.


3 Movable Obstructions (Rule 24-1)

Stones in bunkers, bunker rakes and all stakes on the Course  with the exeption of boundary stakes and out of bounds markers.


4 Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)

a) All cement cart paths (including adjacent drainage dishes)
b) Fixed sprinkler heads
c) All hydrant boxes and floodlight potes
d) Tee iformation displays, on course signage posts and sponsor advertising signs
e) All irrigation pipes (except those in water hazards)


5 Staked trees (Rule 24.2)

All staked trees are deemed to be "Immovable Obstructions" from which relief must be taken. If staked tree is in a hazard the boll must be dropped at the nearest point of relief in the hazard and no nearer the hole.


6 Embedded ball (Rule 25-2)

Through the green a ball that is embedded in its own  pitch mark may be lifted without penalty. Cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay, but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course trough the green.


1 A player may not take relief under this rule if the ball is embedded in a sanded area that is not in closely mown area.

2 A player may not take relief under this rule, if it is clearly unreasonable to him to make a stroke because  of interference by anything other than the condition covered by this rule.


7 Ground under repair (Rule 25)

All areas marked by white lines/blue stakes or signs.


8 Floodlight stanchions 

A ball striking any floodlight stanchion must be replayed as near as possible from the point where the previous was played.


9 Immovable Obstruction

The pumping station to the left on 11th green is out of bounds.


10 Distance Measuring Devices (Rule 14.3)

In competitions a player may obtain distance information by using a gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (eg gradient, windspeed, temperature etc). The player is in breach of Rule 14.3, for which the penalty is disqualfication, regardless of whether any such additional functions is actually used. 


Other Local Rules may apply from time to time and will be posted on the Noticeboard when appropriate.


Penalty for breach of Local Rules

Match Play - Lose of hole

Strike Play - 2 strokes penalty 



All measurements on the course are in metres to center of green.

Please allways replace divots and repair pitchmarks 



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