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Secret Valley Members Club Web site



A well-managed Web site can be a powerful tool to publish information between the Club and the Members.

Our intension is to build an informative and interactive Web site, which making it easier for Members and the Club Committee to communicate and also give good information about Secret Valley Golf Club events/activities.

With that background, we shall continuously reviewing our Web Sites functionality.



You can use a normal Desktop, Laptop computer and also Tablets and Smart Phones. The Web is Responsive. It automaticly adjust the screen after after device.


Internet and Software requirements

- Your Internet Connection speed should be aprox 4 Mbits/sec

- You should have installed software to read Word/Text and PDF document


Recomended free software


- Word/Text files ”Apache Open Office” http://www.openoffice.org/download/

- PDF files ”Acrobat Reader” https://get.adobe.com/se/reader/otherversions/

As an option you can use the Internet based Google Docs and Acrobat Reader.  


- Best option is to use Internet based solutions as Google Docs and similar

Check with Google Play, Android and Apple Store, Ipad/Iphone.  


Web presentation and navigation

The Web site have a nice Presentation picture with 10 tabs in the head.

The 1st Tab ”Actual/Blog” is always shown as primary page. You have to Scroll down a litle to see the whole page. All posts under Actual/Blog is shareable on Facebook. Click on Comment under the post. The Headlines rows from this page will also be pushed out as an Email to every Members as a notice that you have new info to read at the Web. Click on the row and you will be redirected to the Web, there you can read the full information. 


All pages which are displayed have also a side bar which is the same as a type of Standing page with information which not so often will be changed. Here have we used some external Widgets to show date and Wheather.


Some content/text In a selected page are colored light blue and underlined, which means that the text is linked and with a click you can reached it.


Picture in pages can always be enlarged by clicking on them.


A page can have an attaced file as Word or PDF file. You can click on it and the file starts downloading, when a box is dispayed on your screen below to the left, click on the box arrow an select ”Open always this type of files", once you have done this the file will always directly be open in your Text/PDF reader. Mostly have people already done this adjustment. Internet based apps open files directly. 


It happens that the Web screen do not fills out your computer screen as you whish. Use your computers normal zoom function Ctrl +/- to correct it. Mac cmd +/- also useful for enlarge text sometimes on your Computer.


Some pages have a "Contact Form" inbedded. It´s useful for interactive communication direct from the Web site. All Email adresses you find in pages are linked and when you click on an adress you will directly come to your Email client.


Last page to the right ”Members Forum” in the head is a special Widget one. All Members can enter that page and for themselves open a topic, which other Members or committee can answer. It´s useful for suggestions, by and sell Golf equipments etc.


Good Luck and hopefully you find the Web site useful.


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Web Presentation and Guidelines

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Upcoming Competitions


3   October Captain vs Vice Captain 4BBB 

7   October Monthly Medal 

10 October Monthly Stableford white/Blue

14 October Blevins Franks Walz Competition

17 October KEO Trophy/Fun Competition Ladies

21 Ocktober KEO Trophy/Walkers Cup Ladies

24 October Club Roll Up

28 October Monthly Stableford Multi Tee 

31 October Halloween fun Competition


Competition Diary 2017

Fixture List 


Gabriels Tavern, Kouklia

 Achilleas Jewelery, Kouklia

Palia Ilektriki, Paphos 

Blevins Franks, Paphos

Anemi Hotel, Paphos

Olivio Restaurant, Anarita


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